“As a Maryland Lactation Consultant I may never become financially rich but my pay and self-worth comes from a new mom when she is smiling with pride as her new little one latches on or when I see that little one let go at the end of a feeding looking oh so content in their little “milk drunk” state and know that I may have helped in some small way!

Yesterday at work I had a grandmother hug me and tell me I should have a “halo” because I was an angel because I had helped her daughter to latch on her new grand baby who was screaming….actually as I shared with her….all I did was help her recline and do skin-to-skin and allow that baby to do a breast crawl and latch herself on with minimal help and gave a few words of encouragement for mom!! Truly, the moms (and dads and babies) that struggle through breastfeeding, sore nipples  and sleepless nights of clusterfeedings, etc…are the one who deserve the ” halos”! (and the supportive grand-mommies)!
I’d like to thank that grandmother because I was having a busy and somewhat stressful day. She just made my day! (as did her daughter, grand-daughter and the many other thankful new parents & babies)!
Sometimes…it’s so nice to get a compliment at exactly the right time!

Thank you to all the moms and babies who keep me doing my job. I love being a lactation consultant in Carroll and Howard County!