Medela Breast Pump Rental in Carroll, Frederick and Howard County, MD

medela-pump-rental-howard-countyWe are pleased to be able to offer hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pumps to rent. I carry all Medela purchase items as well (breastfeeding bras, nipple shields, breastpump wipes, breast creams etc.. Medela Breast Pumps are the #1 choice of hospitals and mothers.


Often  your insurance will cover the breastpump rental/purchase. Read our FAQ for more info.

breast-pump-rental-carroll-county*If a mother is experiencing a low milk supply, has a history of breast reduction surgery, has a baby in the NICU or has a baby who is unable to latch and empty her breast effectively, it is highly recommended to rent a HOSPITAL grade pump until the issue is resolved. IF milk is not emptied effectively and frequently enough, supply decreases.
For mothers who have an established milk supply, a purchase pump is usually sufficient. If returning to work/school, a mother needs an efficient pump!