Susan Weyer – IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with 30+ years of experience.

I am also an RN with 30+ years’ experience having worked in L&D, Maternal Child Health and Education.  I am passionate about helping mothers/families overcome any breastfeeding challenges they may experience.

As a lactation consultant I provide in-home breast feeding visits. I am based in Carroll County, Maryland and travel to Frederick and Howard counties and lower PA.

Hello. My Name is Susan Weyer…
lacation consultant Susan Weyer Howard County, MD I am a registered nurse since 1983, having worked as an L&D nurse and Birth Doula for 31 years.  I have taught Childbirth Education Classes as an International Certified Childbirth Educator (ICCE).   I have also taught Breastfeeding & Infant Care classes over the years as well and hosted many Mother Support Groups. I currently work in a hospital as an IBCLC and have a private practice doing home visits in Carroll, Howard and Frederick counties, MD.  I am very passionate about what I do and have started local support groups and continue to advocate for women’s rights regarding their families.  Over the years, I have learned so much from the mothers and babies/families I have worked with. Read Testimonials

susanfamilyMy Personal Breastfeeding Struggle:

When I gave birth to my first daughter, I struggled with sore nipples and low milk supply.   I received no help in the hospital as there were no LCs.  I was told that I had “small breasts” and my nurse commented, “You are starving that big baby, give her a bottle.”  Needless to say, I started crying and giving her formula feeling like I was a failure. My confidence was shattered with her words. We struggled for 8 months, always having to use supplement of formula along with breastfeeding since I didn’t establish a sufficient milk supply in the early days. Sadly, she weaned herself at 8 months because my supply was so poor. In those days, breastfeeding help was not so readily available.[/left]

My Breastfeeding Education Begins

I then decided to educate myself and learn all I could about breastfeeding prior to the birth of my second child. I then went on to exclusively breastfeed my second and third babies with an abundant milk supply and had wonderful experiences with breastfeeding them.  If only I had prenatal information/education and support with my first baby… then I truly believe our entire breastfeeding experience would have gone so much better.

Inspiration to Become a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

I think this was my motivation to become an IBCLC!  I swore other mothers would be supported in their breastfeeding challenges. .  In fact, when I teach Breastfeeding Seminars to medical staff, I always tell the nurses/docs, “Your words of encouragement and your education & support can mean the difference between continuing to work through a challenge and giving up for these new mothers.”  As did most  I thought that breastfeeding was “natural” and you simply put a baby to your breast and they suck… difficult could that be?  I don’t need a class for that. Much to my surprise, there was more to it! I should have sought out help.  You are doing the right thing by seeking help.

Let my many years of experience help you and your baby reach your breastfeeding goals!
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Over the Years I Have Worked with Thousands of Mothers, Encouraging and Supporting Breastfeeding

I found myself helping so many of my patients and Childbirth Class attendees to overcome breastfeeding challenges by giving “hands-on” help once they had given birth, that I decided to become a Board Certified Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC) in 1996.

I have great relationships with many Howard County and Carroll County pediatricians and OBs and midwives.  I also have a network of great IBCLCs I work with. I also have OTs and oral surgeons or other specialist to refer to for medical issues because we all need to work together as a team.  Sometimes, it “takes a village” – i.e. mothers, fathers, family, OBs, nurses, Pediatricians, LCs and mother-to-mother support…

“As mothers, we determine what successful breastfeeding is”. – Diana West

As mothers, we are very good at feeling guilty about things we perhaps could have or should have done better.  There are so many different challenges mothers who want to breastfeed experience.  While most can be overcome; sadly (rarely), some cannot.  I love to borrow the line that another IBCLC Diana West says.  “As mothers, we determine what successful breastfeeding is”.

The Importance of Pre-natal Education

Over the years I have worked with perhaps thousands of mothers and I have seen how very important Pre-natal education is. Support can make all the difference in helping a mother reach her own personal breastfeeding goals.  And, sadly, I have seen many disappointed mothers who were not able to overcome a challenge or simply did not get the support they so desperately needed and they gave up.  Exclusive breastfeeding is best, but any amount of breastmilk is always better than none. The most important thing is to try your best and love and enjoy your baby!

Join A Support Group

I have hosted many mothers support groups over the years. Find a Mother-to-Mother Support where you can build each other up, support & offer encouragement, share ideas and socialize.  (See the FACEBOOK groups – Howard County Breastfeeding Mommas or Carroll County Breastfeeding Mommas).

Breastfeeding Associations

I believe in fighting for women’s rights concerning family issues.  I am a proud Board Member on the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition.  I am a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association and the Maryland Coalition of IBCLCs and the USLCA.   I have been a member of LLL and ICEA as well. I have spoken at National & local Conferences to educate and promote breastfeeding among medical professionals & am now lobbying to promote women’s health issues, get mandatory PAID maternity leave in the USA and seeking licensure for IBCLCs to be covered by insurance so all women can get the help they need!  (Consider joining Maryland’s Breastfeeding Coalition.  Anyone who supports Breastfeeding can join.
Every mother and baby are unique, as is their situation.  I am passionate about helping mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals and do the best they can one Mommy and Baby at a time!   Again, I really do not ever want another mother to ever feel the way I felt with my first baby!
It is both a joy and an honor to work with mothers and their babies!  I would be happy to discuss whatever questions you may have and set up a consultation if necessary in your home or mine.  Let my many years of experience help you and your baby reach your breastfeeding goals!
Fill out my online form now or call Susan Weyer at: 443-293-7364

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