Links to Helpful Breast Feeding Websites

breast feeding guide  (FREE Guide to Breastfeeding)  (great information to read about milk production)  (hand expression video)  (YEAST treatment plan)  (lots of breastfeeding information can be found here)  (WHO World Health Organization Ten Steps)  (can print SPEAK UP brochure with Prenatal Information)  (Academy of Pediatrics information)  (20 Steps – Call to Action Breastfeeding) (Dr. Jack Newman) (College of Obstetrics and Gynecology)  (Center for Disease Control Breastfeeding Info)   (Medication while breastfeeding)  (step-by-step to safely prepare formula)   (Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition-download wallet-sized cards w/breastfeeding laws & other very helpful information/consider joining)  (WIC information)  Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Hospital Protocols (breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery) Power of Pumping Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  (Department of Labor – gives info about Affordable Care Act/Break time for nursing mother’s – fact sheet #73) (Human Milk Bank info) – Information about a human milk bank. Our milk banks receive surplus milk and dispense it after the donated milk is pasteurized and tested. Most of our recipients are infants in neo-natal intensive care units (NICUs).