Breastfeeding and Lactation Services for Health Care Professionals:

OFFICE STAFF EDUCATION – One hour Lunch & Learn or presentations offered for Practitioners & their  OB office staff and Pediatrician office staff
Topics include:

  •  The Importance of Pre-natal Education and How Caregivers Can Increase Breastfeeding Rates/ Baby Friendly Ten Step Education
  • Breastfeeding Classes taught in YOUR office for YOUR patients
  • Childbirth Classes taught in YOUR office for YOUR patients
  • Labor Talks (when to call caregiver/what to expect at the hospital)
  • Private Childbirth class for mothers placing baby for adoption or those on bedrest
  •  FREE phone consults for your patients/HELP line for Breastfeeding
  • PRE-natal breast exams for patients/consultation

My classes are Offered in Carroll, Frederick and Howard County, MD. As an IBCLC I am Also Available for:

  • Professional speaking locally and nationally on various Lactation Lecture Topics
  • Mentor for IBCLC students or Breastfeeding Support staff

*fees vary depending on location/time/topic- please call 443-293-7364
If class or consult done in your office – fee for service  with %  to your practice

Studies show that healthcare professionals have great influence over helping a mother to choose to breastfeed.  Physicians, OBs, Midwives, Nurses, Techs, Office staff, Hospital staff and Pediatricians and their Office staff should all be promoting and educating and supporting breastfeeding families with a “team” approach.
We should all be giving consistent evidenced-based, accurate & up-to-date information about Lactation.  ACOG and AAP support breastfeeding promotion and support.