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Get breastfeeding support in Carroll, Frederick and Howard County, MD

Over the years I have worked with thousands of mothers in offering breastfeeding support and pre-natal education. This has made all the difference in helping a mother reach her own personal breastfeeding goals. Sadly, I have seen many disappointed mothers give up when they did not seek the support they so desperately needed.

Breastfeeding Challenges – Success Stories!

I have helped moms overcome the most difficult breastfeeding challenges- mothers  who have had to use formula because despite their best efforts (and mine); their milk supply never was enough. They chose to use formula through a tube AT the breast and gave skin-to-skin and whatever of their own milk they could.  This IS success!

I have worked with moms who have anatomical challenges or their baby did and they could never get their baby to successfully latch; but they decided to exclusively pump their milk and bottle-feed.  YOU define “success”.  All any mother can do is the very best she can.  The most important thing is to try your best and love and enjoy your baby! When breastfeeding is not going well, it is very emotional for mothers.  Exclusive breastfeeding is best, but any amount of breastmilk is always better than none.  Most mothers can overcome whatever challenge may arise with support.

Moms – Get Breastfeeding Support

  • I offer classes so you can learn about breastfeeding before your baby is born
  • I  can visit your home as a lactation consultant and work with you and your baby
  • FACEBOOK mom breastfeeding support groups – Howard County Breastfeeding Mommas or Carroll County Breastfeeding Mommas).
  • Find a Mother-to-Mother Support Group – sometimes held at local hospitals
  • Encourage other mothers to breastfeed before they have their baby! Tell them it might be difficult and to remember a lactation consultant can come to their home.

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Sadly the USA is not a “Breastfeeding Friendly” country compared to other nations.  We need a real cultural shift in our thinking. Many in the U.S. are not aware of the multiple health benefits for both infant and mother that breastmilk provides.

The Joy of Being a Lactation Consultant

“As a Maryland Lactation Consultant I may never become financially rich but my pay and self-worth comes from a new mom when she is smiling with pride as her new little one latches on or when I see that little one let go at the end of a feeding looking oh so content in their little “milk drunk” state and know that I may have helped in some small way!

Yesterday at work I had a grandmother hug me and tell me I should have a “halo” because I was an angel because I had helped her daughter to latch on her new grand baby who was screaming….actually as I shared with her….all I did was help her recline and do skin-to-skin and allow that baby to do a breast crawl and latch herself on with minimal help and gave a few words of encouragement for mom!! Truly, the moms (and dads and babies) that struggle through breastfeeding, sore nipples  and sleepless nights of clusterfeedings, etc…are the one who deserve the ” halos”! (and the supportive grand-mommies)!
I’d like to thank that grandmother because I was having a busy and somewhat stressful day. She just made my day! (as did her daughter, grand-daughter and the many other thankful new parents & babies)!
Sometimes…it’s so nice to get a compliment at exactly the right time!

Thank you to all the moms and babies who keep me doing my job. I love being a lactation consultant in Carroll and Howard County!